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Oct. 16, 2016

The poem," Girl Child", was published on the Woman’s United Nations Report Network in honor of International Day of the Girl Child.

March 8, 2016

International Woman’s Day

My Poem," In Honor Of Women," was used by the, Women’s United Nation’s Report Network


Poem "Girl Child" read for International Day of the Girl Child

Oct. 11, 2015  My Poem,”Girl Child” was used by the Women’s United Nation Report Network in honor of International Day of the Girl Child.

Poem “In Honor Of Women” was published by the WUNRN on March 21, 2015. This was in recognition of UNESCO’s marking the annual observance of World Poetry Day.


Poetry reaffirms our common humanity by revealing to us that individuals, everywhere in the world, share the same questions and feelings. Poetry is the mainstay of oral tradition and, over centuries, can communicate the innermost values of diverse cultures.
UNESCO - 21 March 2015 – In today's uncertain and turbulent world, the power of poetry can help bring women and men together to craft new forms of dialogue, the head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared today, as she marked the annual observance of World Poetry Day.

WUNRN believes that POETRY by/of/with/for women and girls, can reflect the feminine heart, mind, and soul. Poetry can cross cultures and bond women around the world in creative spirit and sensitivity.


Poem Girl Child read for International Day of the Girl Child
October 12, 2014  Poem-Girl Child, was used by WUNRN for International Day of the Girl Child.

Poem Deep Within read by Rev. George McLaird
September 21, 2014   Rev. George McLaird gave a talk on “Activating Our Internal GPS.” He concluded his talk with my, Poem- “Deep Within.” Rev. Mclairds talks are always inspiring and thought provoking! I was honored to have one of my poems included with his words. This took place at the beautiful Sausalito Presbyterian Church.

2013:  Senator Bonacic Shares A Poem in Honor of Mother's Day

My poetry has been published on the WUNRN, Women's United Nation's Report Network, since 2005. WUNRN addresses the human rights, oppression, and empowerment of women and girls all over the world.  "In Honor Of Women," was  published for International Women's day in 2006 and 2008. From this WUNRN list serve site, my poetry has been circulated around the United nations and NGO"s, Non Governmental agencies around the world.

Poem,"Girl Child" was used in a power point presentation at a United Nations Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. the Assembly was for preventing young children being forced into marriage.


Women of Worth

Woman of Wonder

Amazing Woman are just a few of the poems that were published on this WUNRN list serve.


Also, the poems have found their way to refuge camps. For woman who survived the revenges of war,I was told my piece,"Young Woman of Wonder" brought them comfort and strength as they would read it out loud.

Courgeous Woman used for fundraising event this May 2013
The event was for: Women and Children's Alliance in Boise Idaho.

They read it at their event and used it for their Program.

Featured in the First English Speaking Newspaper in Thailand
March 8: International Women’s Day, was celebrated in Chiang Mai with an event co-organised by Dr. Duentemduang na Chiengmai, the city’s mayor and the Migrant Assistance Programme (MAP), an NGO working with labour rights for migrants. Following a march from Thapae Road to the Three Kings’ Monument by hundreds of women, including representatives from MAP, Mpower and We Get Together (a group of migrant women workers), Dr. Duentemduang presided over the event’s opening ceremony.  >>Read More

African Women of Empowerment  published "Woman Awaken To Yourself"

Published on the Mukora Primary blog

"Magnificent Woman," presented at a Women Circles, conference in the Czech Republic in June 2006.

Girl Child was published on Femnet in 2012.
This is an organization representing ,African Women's Development and Communication Network. 
Joana Ukali: Girl Child – Poem | FEMNET 

The Dr. Pat Show: Dr. Pat Baccili
Woman of Worth was read on the Pat Baccili Radio Show.

Woman of Worth was used in Girl Guides of British Columbia Trainers Talk newsletter.

Published in Asia, 2010:
Asian Human Rights
 and Culture, Volumes 32 and 45 published, In Honor of Women and Woman.

Published In Honor of Women

Notebook Project published Woman
Poetry - The Notebook Project

WWSF Women's World Summit Foundation
We received your poem:  You Have Given Life To Others

And enjoyed reading it. We wonder, with your permission, whether We can print it giving you credit, with our Programs for rural women we convene For the past 15 years.

We would translate the poem into French and Spanish and Include it in some of our program descriptions, if you give permission to do so.

Wishing you a good holiday season and looking forward to your
Elly Pradervand
WWSF Executive Director
WWSF Women's World Summit Foundation

My poems have been translated from English into French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Urdu.
The different poems have been used for ordinations, funerals, celebrations, retirements, weddings births and birthdays.