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Woman of Worth

Years Of Dedication
Walking On The Edge Of Change
Seeing The Gifts In Others
Before They Are Seen By Their Own Selves
A Woman Of Worth, One To Make A Difference
Fading Away Is Not In Her Vocabulary
Regrouping, Going In Other Directions, Choosing Each New Path
This Is The Movement Of A Woman Of Worth
Do You Know Her?
What Do You Think She Looks Like?
She Is A Woman Who Deeply And Diligently,
Creates Great Change With No Visible Signs Of Sweat!
She Is Looking Toward The Future,
Claiming Space For This New Time.
Worth, Value, Integrity And Inspiration,
This Is Her Daily Food For Her Being
If You Have Known Her, You Are Blessed
If You are her, You Have Blessed Others
A Woman Of Worth
Is In Our Midst
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

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