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Welcome to my website!  My desire would be for you to find the site to be an authentic communication.  A time together with a feeling of refreshment as you go upon your way, like having a cup of tea or coffee with a friend. 

Some of my most healing times have been time spent with friends discussing everything from self, family, dreams, fears, ideas and inspirations. We could talk for hours and leave the space with a feeling of, "I am not alone and I am loved." This is a phrase that has been with me most of my adult life. I am not sure where and when it became part of my being. I do know I would like to impart this to you through my poems and other writings.

I hope you spend some time and enjoy what you might read.  "You are loved and you are not alone"




Photo Credit: Ahu Ezgi


Coming Soon!

There has been a delay in publishing
my first book. We are once again
moving forward with a publishing date!
I'll keep you posted!

Watch for more announcements
regarding my upcoming books,
Soul Songs and
In Honor of Women
... And The Men Who Love Them

A Woman Of Worth
Years Of Dedication
Walking On The Edge Of Change
Seeing The Gifts In Others
Before They Are Seen


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