Woman of Wisdom

Woman of Wisdom
Dances with her Love of Life
Sings with the Winds of Change
Speaks with the Breath of Prayer

Woman of Wisdom
Laughs from her Belly of her Acceptance
Cries from the Heart of her Matters
Soothes from the Well of her Soul

Woman of Wisdom
Nurtures with the depth and awe of Mother Nature
Protects, Teaches, Inspires and Leads
The Wind and Rain and Moon and Sun are her Guides

Woman of Wisdom
Has faith when there is no change
Has trust when the change is constant
Has all that is needed when all is unseen

Woman of Wisdom
Oh, how you Love and Love and Love
Oh, how you are Loved and Loved and Loved
Oh, how the Universe says,”Thank You, Thank you, Thank You”

Copyright Joana Ukali 2005 All Rights Reserved